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Issue #024 - Jewelry Settings
August 31, 2010

Hot Out of the Kiln

August 31, 2010


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In this Issue of Hot Out of the Kiln:

1. Feature Article
2. Quote of the Month
3. Since Last E-zine
4. Submit an Article or Tutorial
5. Tips and Tricks
6. Additions to Site
7. Product Review

Feature Article - Jewelry Settings

Jewelry Settings are elegant pieces just waiting for you to add your decorative fused glass. These jewelry blanks come in an array of types and shapes. From rings, earrings, bracelets to pendant mountings there is something for everyone.

I had not worked with any of these and was quite surprised at the quality. I purchased two bracelet blanks and one pendant mounting from . Their service is fast and friendly. I ordered them on Friday and had my pieces by Monday.

The two oval pieces have one inch inlays that can be filled by either cutting glass to fit the space or purchasing a round casting mold that can be filled with frit. Either method will work nicely for the pieces. The oval blank will need to have a pattern drawn and cut to the dimensions of the shape. Tanya from places clear glass on the blank and then traces the outline with a white deco pen. I used the opening on each piece to draw a pattern for my glass. This was done by merely placing a piece of paper over the jewelry piece and using a pencil I traced around the edge of the opening. Dichroic glass was my choice for the pieces and I used a top layer of clear to seal the Dichroic.

A glass saw was used to cut out the shapes and once cleaned they were ready for firing. All the pieces were brought to a full fuse. Once cooled to room temperature each piece was cold worked until they fit perfectly inside the blanks. A grinder was used to shape and form the pieces.

They were then again placed back inside the kiln for a fire polishing. I used a two part epoxy to secure the glass to the blank. The pieces could be further enhanced by adding a decal and then fired once again to seal the image into the glass.

Quote of the Month

"Jewelry take people’s minds off your wrinkles." - Sonja Henie

Since Last E-Zine

Wow! Where has the time gone? This issue makes two full years of sending out the e-zine! I remember when I started sending out the newsletter. I didn’t know what I could possibly talk about every month and now it has been two years.

This month I have 3 daughters with birthdays, so of course there was work to be done and items to be made for their individual celebrations. The jewelry blanks from really fit the bill! They were pleased with the presents and everyone there just loved the finished product.

I am of course constantly working on the web site. I have been visiting and have a few individuals make videos for the website. The new one on the homepage was made by a gentleman on that site. I added another person's voice over and a few pictures from the website. I was pleased with the outcome...what do you think?

I found out that my linking of the pages was all wrong, so I am currently in the process of cleaning up that mess. If you notice the blog is a little off for a few days that is because as I rebuild the pages some of the older ones will push the newer items down the page. I will fix the page once my revamping is complete.

Sales of the Beginner Glass Fusing Class DVD have been fantastic! I have a few places that have offered to sell it on their website and in their glass stores. The reviews have been coming in and the feedback has been all positive and outstanding!

So all in all it has been a busy and productive month!

Submit an Article or Tutorial

Do you have a great glass fusing article or tutorial that you would like to share? We are inviting submissions of articles or tutorials for the web site. The articles will become permanent on the site once approved and a link back to your website or blog can be included in the submission. Helping and sharing with others is a great way to assist others in learning information and techniques about glass fusing. You can add so much to the site with your knowledge and experiences.

If you have a web site or blog, then you know how important links are to get your site noticed by those search engines. A back link to your site will not only boost the search engine ranking, but assist in bringing traffic to your site.

For more information and submission, check out Submit Your Article.

Tips and Tricks

Use charms or jewelry name tags as bails for earrings or cabochons. Glue them to the back or front of your fused glass and the loop can be used to connect them to a split ring then attached to a necklace or earring wire.

Additions to the Site

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08/18/10 – Needle Points

08/21/10 – Hawaiian Pineapple

08/24/10 – Programming a Glass Kiln

08/26/10 – Surf Board

08/27/10 – Submit Your Article

08/29/10 – Jewelry Crafts

08/30/10 – Jewelry Blanks

Product Review - New Earring Blanks has now come out with a new item. These are their earring blanks and they match the pendant blank. What a beautiful and elegant set that would make for that special someone.

They are brushed satin silver settings perfect for adding your fused glass artwork. The circular setting is a little less than an inch and can hold a cabochon up to 12mm. They are only $5.98.

These are perfect for the upcoming holidays, or hot-selling craft items for a craft fair or jewelry party!

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