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Issue #010 - Handmade Tools
June 28, 2009

Hot Out of the Kiln

June 28, 2009


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In this Issue of Hot Out of the Kiln:

1. Feature Article
2. Quote of the Month
3. Since Last E-zine
4. Reader Letter
5. Tips and Tricks
6. Additions to Site
7. Product Review

Feature Article - Homemade Tools

Homemade tools can be a fabulous way to use items that are not necessarily intended for glass fusing purposes. Glass fusing tools can be very expensive at times, so when you can save a few pennies on fusing tools, it really helps. There are a lot of tools that still need to be purchased, but if you can save a little money by using items that are not made for glass fusing then why not utilize the instrument.

1. I use new clean Ziplock containers to hold distilled water for decals. These can be the purchased decals, or the photo paper ones that are made on the printer. The container can be sealed to keep the water fresh for the next project.

2. Bend the tip of a barbecue fork to comb hot glass instead of purchasing a rake.

3. Use cloth baby diapers to wipe the glass after it is cleaned. These cloths don’t leave any lint and soaks up the excessive water.

4. An old Tupperware container, clean plastic coffee container, or old peanut butter jar can be utilized to hold kiln wash.

5. Old dishwasher parts are fantastic for storage. The shelves can be used for storage and the silverware baskets can hold tools.

6. Use a spatula or pancake turner to move pieces to the kiln shelf to be fired.

7. Kiln posts can be used in a variety of ways besides just holding the kiln shelf. Use large ones to make business card holders, or to bend glass over them for unique designs.

So what type of items can you use in your fusing projects, that eliminates the need to purchase something? What homemade tools do you use? Share your homemade or found tools with everyone.

Quote of the Month

“It's homemade, cheap and readily available. “ Karen Tandy quotes

Since Last E-Zine

Well, I am back in Arizona. This time I am here for the birth of my 11th grandchild. Before leaving California, I finished up firing my projects for June. This month is all about Father’s Day and graduations. I had also determined that I had left out a lot of important information on the site and am trying to fine tune the pages on tools and supplies.

I have been going through the alphabetical listing of tools and supplies and adding pages for some of the tools. There was a lot of missing information on all of the various tools that are needed from the cutting process clear through the fusing process. So, I am going through and doing pages on these items. This of course isn’t helpful for individuals who are familiar with the glass fusing process, but is more for the beginners.

So, over the next few months there will be pages about all of the various tools and supplies. But, for now I am in Arizona….

Reader Letter


Regarding: today's post about storing and organizing glass: Altoid containers are a great, air-proof place to store frit, confetti, and the like.


Hi Dan…

Thanks for the creative suggestion!


Tips and Tricks

To spruce up your tools try using ethyl alcohol and a scrub brush to clean them.

Additions to the Site

06/16/09– Glass Pliers – Working on the tools page, this is the first pattern added to the list of items. Glass pliers are used in the glass cutting process.

06/17/09– Cutter Oil – Cutter oil doesn’t have to be purchased. Find out the alternatives and how cutter oil is important in cutting glass.

06/18/09– Father’s Day – The main page for all the Father’s Day patterns. There are currently 3 patterns on this new page.

06/19/09– Father’s Day Tie – The first pattern added to the Father’s Day page. This Father’s Day Tie is fun to create. Add your own details to make it uniquely yours.

06/20/09– Golf Bag – The Golf Bag pattern is ideal for all those golfing fathers. It is a really simple and cute pattern.

06/22/09– Shirt and Tie – What is Father’s Day without a Shirt and Tie pattern? Make it small or large depending on your individual fusing needs.

06/23/09– Scholastic Graduation – June is the time of Scholastic Graduations. This page will house all the patterns related to this celebration of accomplishment.

06/24/09– Cap and Diploma – A very familiar pattern for the graduation celebration. Simple Cap and Diploma design that is sure to be a big hit.

06/25/09– Graduation Cap – Everyone wears a Graduation Cap during the passage celebration. Why not make add this design to any of your fusing projects during this time of accomplishment.

06/26/09– Graduation Diploma – The final pattern added to the Scholastic Graduation page. This Graduation Diploma can be made into a simple pin design or fuse it to any other glass fusing project.

Product Review

Stand-up Molds Instructional Pattern book by Creative Paradise

This book really assist those not into making their own patterns for the new stand-up molds. It is reasonably priced at only $12.99 and contains 28 pages with directions for 20 different standing glass figures.

This book is a new product from Creative Paradise. If you really want a piece that will stand out (and up) above all the others, the stand-up molds are quite unique and fun. They come in four different sizes so there is something for everyone.

To purchase this book check out the page at COE90.

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