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Issue #003 - Halloween Costumes
October 25, 2008

The Glass Fuse News

October 25, 2008


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In this Issue of The Glass Fuse News:

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2. Quote of the Month
3. Since Last E-zine
4. Tips and Tricks
5. Additions to Site
6. Product Review

Feature Article - Halloween Costumes

As the brisk winds of fall sweep upon us, it is time to think about Halloween Costumes and Halloween gifts for all of our family. Most of us are too old to adorn a costume, and some work sites don’t always encourage wearing items that might interfere with our work atmosphere. But, what a perfect time to make and distribute some fused pins?

These adorable and sometimes humorous pins are not that difficult to whip up in a day, and can certainly be appreciated by all of those around you. They can be given as gifts, or kept and worn on your daily outfit. They certainly put a smile on everyone’s face. Let everyone know you are in the spirit of the holiday by making them some unforgettable pins to adorn their clothing.

You can find plenty of ideas from coloring books or clip art for making different unusual and unique pin ideas. There are patterns and ideas all around us during this season. Keep your eyes open and your mind exploring for inventive ways to design patterns for your fusing projects.

As with all the Seasonal Pin ideas, they can also be made and then fused to a plate, platter, or a bowl for distributing candy on that frightful night. So, when the cool breezes are howling around you, and you want to wear a festive item without having to dress up in a Halloween costume, warm up your home with some of these Halloween pins.

Quote of the Month

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul” -George Bernard Shaw

Since Last E-Zine

It has been a slow month for me as far as the site is concerned. Since school has been back in session, unfortunately I have had to work. I do what I thought was going to be part-time substitute work, but has actually become a long-term assignment. It has not stopped me from thinking of ideas to add to the site, but has limited my time at the kiln.

So, in my spare time, I have been looking and creating some simple and fun pins for the Halloween season. There are twenty-four ideas listed on the site, and so far I have done about seven. I plan on continuing until it is time to move on to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Hopefully this assignment will be coming to an end in the next couple of weeks and then I can again devote my 10+ hours a day to adding information and designs to the pages. In the meantime, I will continue to work in my spare time on the site.

I have finished the 10 most popular pages booklet, and will be putting that along with some ideas for Thanksgiving on the site in the upcoming month. I am anxiously waiting for my assignment to end so I can get back to work on the site and of course in the kiln.

Tips and Tricks

Stencils are an ingenious way to bestow crisp appearing graphics to your fused glass artwork. There are a lot of companies that sell stencils, but keep in mind that stencils don't always have to be purchased.

Discovered objects can be a fantastic source for these stencils. Some punched out board game pieces make excellent stencils. Look around at the objects you have on hand in your home. When it comes to discovering glass stencils you're only restrained by your imagination.

Additions to the Site

10/04/08 – Sairset Kiln Mortar – This product is fantastic for fixing broken molds, or repairs inside the kiln. Learn more about how this product comes in handy in your kiln working experiences.

10/13/08 – Wispy Black Spider – Even a creepy spider can be cute if made with this pattern.

10/13/08 – Candy Corn – Quick and easy, these candies will be desired by all of your friends.

10/13/08 – Halloween Cat – This little kitten is dressed up as a ghost. Out of all he Halloween costumes on the market, he has decided to cover himself with a sheet. His distinctive outline gives away his true being.

10/14/08 – Halloween Ghost – A scary and cute ghost pattern is displayed on this page. These are one of the easiest and quickest pins and designs to make and fuse.

10/14/08 – Jack-O-Lantern – What would Halloween be without a jack-o-lantern? These pins can be decorated using Glassline paints to add detail to the background.

10/17/08 – Arched Scary Cat – This arched cat is a very distinctive design. Since it is solid black, it really stands out on any color outfit that you wear it on.

10/17/08 – Spooky Mask – These patterns are used as a template to be decorated and adorned with different embellishments.

10/20/08 – Cartoon Frankenstein"> – Adorable cartoon Frankenstein pin. This is a little more detailed with the eyes and nose.

10/20/08 – Red Candy Apples – Yummy! Red candy apples made into pins that look good enough to eat.

10/20/08 – Tombstone - A whimsical pin that lets others know you have a morbid sense of humor.

10/20/08 – Trick or Treat Halloween Bag – Very recognizable Halloween Trick or Treat bag turned into a pin.

10/20/08 – Wicked Witch Crafts – Halloween would not be complete without a wicked witch pin. Make plenty for all your friends.

10/20/08 – Witch Hat – This is a very simple pin to make and the pointed hat could not be recognized as anything but a witch hat.

Product Review

Stand Up Mold - This is a new and inventive way to add some dimension to your fused glass pieces. Make patterns yourself or use the ones provided on the site. Now you can make some pieces that can actually stand up on their own. Each mold includes some instructions and a template. They come in four different sizes; 4 ½ inches, 6 inches, 7 inches and 12 inches. Check them out at Delphi Glass .

I have purchased the smallest one and made a pattern. They supply a template on line, but I measured all the details and made my own template. Then I designed a pattern that would fit the template. It is currently in the kiln heating up. Look for a page coming up about these molds in the near future.

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