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Issue #014 - Glass Engraving
October 31, 2009

Hot Out of the Kiln

October 31, 2009


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In this Issue of Hot Out of the Kiln:

1. Feature Article
2. Quote of the Month
3. Since Last E-zine
4. Readers Responses to Last Month's E-zine
5. Tips and Tricks
6. Additions to Site
7. What's New

Feature Article - Glass Engraving

A few of the projects this month involved glass engraving, also known as glass etching. Etching on glass when it comes to fusing the glass, needs to be done on Dichroic glass. Usually this is done with glass that has a black background, but can be achieved on clear Dichroic glass with another color of glass as the bottom layer of the piece. If etching is done on a piece of glass that is not Dichroic the image will fill in during firing and the image will be lost. Since you are actually etching the Dichroic layer off of the glass, the image will stay clear and visible after firing.

I have found the easiest way to achieve the pattern onto the glass is to make a stencil of the image. This can easily be achieved by printing the pattern onto a piece of cardstock paper and then using scissors cut out the design. Once you have the actual black image cut out, use the open section as a stencil and place it on the glass. Use a Dremel drill with a diamond tip to etch away the Dichroic.

The image can be capped with a clear piece of glass to add more depth to the piece. It is not necessary but does enhance the appearance and gives more dimension to the glass.

If you would like to share your suggestions for etching on glass, please drop me a line...

Quote of the Month

“My hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process – Tadao Ando

Since Last E-Zine

This month has been all about Halloween. Creating and designing pieces for this holiday has filled my spare moments. I have been babysitting for my daughter’s foster children so I don’t have many spare minutes at this time.

I can’t believe that the holidays are upon us again, and the cool weather brings heating up the kiln a pleasure and needed joy. I enjoy searching and determining what designs and patterns to use for the holiday seasons. It is time to really decide what to make for presents this year. I am thinking about making the 3-D boxes, what about you?

If you would like to share your projects for the upcoming holidays, please feel free to drop me a line and please include a picture if you like.

Readers Responses to Last Month's E-zine

From Debbie T

Connie, thank you so much for your great website and your informative newsletter!! I appreciate all the work you put into this. It IS very hard to get glass artists, etc, to tell you about techniques. That is a shame. Over the years, whatever my hobby or craft or art of the year was, I have always shared my tips and how I achieve things with anyone who asked and I really believe it brings about “good Karma” in my life. I love to share, and I am so grateful that you do too!


From Jean

You are right about some people do not like to share their finds! I suppose it’s somewhat understood, but we’ll find it out anyway, may as well share it!! HA! I love your webpage and newsletters. You share so much great information and I appreciate it.

Tips and Tricks

Devit can be reversed by re-firing a piece. First etch or sandblast the area then fire polish.

Additions to the Site

10/14/09 – Flying Witch – This is an etch pattern on dichroic glass. A flying witch soaring through the moon lit Halloween eve.

10/15/09 – Black Cat Head – With intense eyes, this black cat head pattern is sure to be a big hit.

10/20/09 – Scary Tree – Cold and evil, this scary tree stand with arms spread against a moon filled sky.

10/21/09 – Vampire Teeth – This pattern is of Vampire teeth with long evil sharp fangs set against blood red lips.

10/22/09 – Mummy – This cute little mummy is all wrapped up and ready for Halloween.

10/23/09 – Common Raven – Another etched or engraved pattern. There is something ominous about a common black raven and Halloween.

10/26/09 – Count Dracula – Count Dracula never looked so silly and not bloodcurdling at all.

10/27/09 – Eye of the Cat – Mysterious is the best way to describe the eye of the cat pattern. Use dichroic glass to add that extra shimmer and shine.

10/28/09 – Halloween Coffin – This Halloween coffin has too spooky eyes that glare intimidating at the viewer.

10/29/09 – Witch’s Brew – A pot of bat’s wings and other daunting mixtures are bubbling over in this witch’s brew design.

What's New - Glass Engraving Book

Delphiglass has a new glass engraving book with 25 projects. There are dozens of templates to assist you in etching the designs onto your glass.

It is currently selling for $11.95 and if you purchase 3 or more you can get the books for only $11.95 each. Make personalized engraved pieces for some one-of-a-kind designs on your fused glass pieces.

For more information, be sure to check out the Glass Engraving book at Delphiglass.

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