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Issue #022 - Glass Decals
June 30, 2010

Hot Out of the Kiln

June 30, 2010


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In this Issue of Hot Out of the Kiln:

1. Feature Article
2. Quote of the Month
3. Since Last E-zine
4. Reader Question
5. Tips and Tricks
6. Additions to Site
7. Product Review

Feature Article - Glass Decals

Glass decals can add a lot to a fused glass piece, especially if you find a pattern that fits your particular needs for the project. Fused glass decals use to be very limited in the designs that were available. Finding just the right setting or scene was not that easy a task, but this is changing with new enamel and ceramic decals.

Tanya from aaeglass has used her inspiration from scenes around her to create new and distinctive patterns. Her designs are refreshingly original and unique. Check out her website to see what she has to offer and go back periodically because she is always adding new decals.

Decals can give you the appearance of etched glass without all the steps involved. Plus when etching glass you are limited to using dichroic glass to achieve your desired pattern. With glass decals you can place your design on any color of glass and you could also paint or embellish the glass further before adding the design.

Fused glass decals can be purchased in low-fire or high-fire, so determine which product you are buying and follow the written directions. The low-fire decals are only fired to about 1034-1074 degrees Fahrenheit, while the high-fire decals are fired to 1280-1320 degrees Fahrenheit.

For the decals from aaeglass the steps are simple:

  • Decorate and full fuse your glass. This will give the glass a smooth surface to work on.
  • Remove protective paper from decal. This is a sheet that is there to just protect the decal in shipping and handling.
  • Cut the decal to your desired shape.
  • Place decal in bowl filled with distilled water.
  • Remove when decal can easily be slid off of backing paper.
  • Slide decal onto the pre-fired fused glass.
  • Using a paper towel gently blot dry the decal and glass. This is the time to push and remove any trapped air.
  • Allow the piece to dry completely. Dry for a minimum of 12 hours for best results.
  • Place piece in kiln and vent lid with kiln posts. The kiln should be vented 1-2 inches so that the materials from the decals can burn off.
  • The kiln should be heated at 250 degrees Fahrenheit per hour until it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Hold the kiln at this temperature for about 20 minutes.
  • Crank up the temperature and heat up at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit per hour to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hold the temperature at this temperature for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Resume heating as fast as possible to the final firing temperature. For low-fire decals the final temperature would be 1034-1074 degrees Fahrenheit and for high-fire decals the final temperature should be 1280-1320 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Allow the piece to soak at this temperature for about 8-10 minutes.
  • Now bring temperature down to the annealing temperature for your particular glass and hold at this temperature for about an hour.
  • Bring glass down to below 100 degrees Fahrenheit before opening the unit.

  • Quote of the Month

    “You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul” – George Bernard Shaw

    Since Last E-Zine

    Since returning from the island of Hawaii, I have been working on designs that were inspired by this tropical setting. Everywhere you look stimulation abounds. We saw sea turtles, surfers, palm trees, lava rocks and ate our fill of pineapple and other delicacies from this remote and breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

    Being gone for a week at the beginning of the month really cut into my preparation and kiln time, but I dug right in and am pleased with the designs that arose from my experience. This was our third trip to Hawaii, but this time it was like the island just spoke to me over and over again. It is fun looking at different items and then imagining how to turn them into fused glass works of art.

    I am back in Arizona this week. This time I am dog sitting while my daughter and her family have gone to Kansas for a wedding. It is also giving me the chance to work more on my upcoming video. My youngest daughter, Tiffany is performing in the video. She has been putting in long hours at work and then coming home to help me tape. So, hopefully this will be the last of the taping and I can get on to producing the final product.

    Reader Question

    Kathy writes:

    Hi Connie, I'm thinking about fire polishing my 8-sided bowl and see if I can get the edges smoothed out. Can I set the bowl on the kiln shelf (with shelf paper) to do the fire polishing or do I need to leave it in the mold?

    When I slumped my bowl, I set the mold on top of the kiln shelf. I read somewhere on line that you should put the mold on kiln posts. Which is correct? Thanks for your help.

    Connie writes:

    Kathy... If you polish it outside of the mold you risk the piece warping if you take it too high...

    You can place the mold on a kiln shelf, but I still put it on kiln posts to allow air to circulate all around the piece and to ensure that the air is able to escape from the holes in the mold.

    Tips and Tricks

    Fire a piece to a full fuse before using glass decals. This smooth surface will not only make it easier to apply the decal, but will also help to avoid bubbles during firing from an uneven and pitted surface.

    Additions to the Site

    06/11/10 – Temperature Conversion Chart

    06/14/10 – Kona - Hawaii

    06/15/10 – Barefootin in Hawaii

    06/16/10 – Coqui Frog

    06/17/10 – Oceanic Dolphins

    06/19/10 – Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

    06/20/10 – Hawaiian Orchids

    06/22/10 – Dolphin Tail

    06/28/10 – Palm Trees

    06/29/10 – Fused Glass Decals

    Product Review - Glass Decals by aaeglass

    Aaeglass has quite an range of unique fused glass decals. These include color and silhouette scenes for all occasions. There is a very sizeable assortment of fusible water slide enamel glass decals on this site to choose from.

    They are the original creators of the tree of life fusible glass decal. They stock low-fire and high-fire decals. There is no minimum order required and they offer free shipping on orders over $25.

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