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Issue #57 - Glass Bottle Art Update
April 24, 2013

Hot Out of the Kiln, Issue #57

April 24, 2013

Well, this is a first!.

I guess through my excitement about the new book, I neglected to include a link to the new ”Glass Bottle Art" book.

The soft back book has arrived and is being proof-read before it is uploaded and ready for purchase.

Once reviewed again, it will be live on the website sometime next month.

There are 57 color filled pages with 25 interesting and fun projects.

Preview the exciting and creative glass bottle art chapters:

  • Bottle Basics: Safety Precautions, Don't Mix Bottles, Suggested Firing Schedules, Cleaning Bottles, Removing Labels, Cutting Bottles, Breaking Bottles, Drilling a Hole, Embellishments, Slumping Bottles, Replacing Labels, Wire Wrapping

  • Whole Bottle Projects: Etching Bottles, Bottle Clock, Sifting Into a Stencil, Stamping on Bottles, Paint Fused Glass Bottle, Wind Chimes, Business Card Holder, Slumping on a Texture Tile, Cheese Tray, Slumping into a Mold, Bubbles in a Bottle

  • Cut Bottle Projects: Flat Bottle Segments, Donuts and Rings, Draping Bottle End, Kiln Carved Pendant, Bottle Pot Melt

  • Shattered Bottle Projects:
  • Soap Dish, Shattered Glass Bowl, Shattered Glass Bottle Jewelry, Wine Bottle Stopper, Shattered Glass Candle Shelter, Bottle Barrette, Bottle Buttons, Other Shattered Glass Projects

    If you want to order the e-book for this particular book, please click "here".

    Again, my apologies for sending you an additional mailing and for my error in leaving out the link.

    Until next month…keep it hot!


    Glass Fusing Made Easy
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