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Issue #042 - Fused Glass Suncatchers
February 29, 2012

Hot Out of the Kiln

February 29, 2012

This has been a very busy month! I took a trip to Arizona to finish filming the "Clay Glass" video and to visit with my youngest daughter, Tiffany.

She is such a creative, fun and energetic person. We filmed non-stop through about four days and finished filming the “Clay Glass” movie.

Not only did she do the acting in the movie, but she even assisted me in editing and finishing the video. I have to admit she is one smart cookie, who is not only creative and fun to be with, but has a very good concept of film editing.

I am extremely proud of this newest addition to the website. The movie offers a lot of information about glass clay, and the actress is lively and adorable! Of course I am a little prejudice because she is my daughter!

Once, I arrived back home, I was able to upload the movie and decided to finish uploading all of the other items to their individual sites.

If you take a look at the Glass Fusing Techniques page, you will see that all of the books, e-books, movies and downloadable movies have been uploaded and pages for each individual one have been added to the site.

My mind has been churning this month. I am often asked to recommend a magazine for glass fusing. There aren’t any magazines that are specifically for glass fusing. Since Glass Craftsman magazine has stopped production, I have decided to try to meet this growing demand and start an online magazine.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in this new production. I am going to ask individuals I know in the glass fusing field to submit articles that will inspire and excite glass fusing enthusiasts with beginning to advanced experience.

I know it is a big undertaking, but there is a demand for a magazine that would include items specifically for glass fusing. There won’t be articles about any other type of glass craft, such as lamp working or mosaics.

I am thinking about making it a quarterly magazine that will come out four times a year. If you are interested in submitting articles, or advertising, please let me know.

It is still in the early stages and the first magazine won’t come out until hopefully September. It will be a downloadable magazine, which will save in costs and delays in mailing.

I would love to hear your input and suggestions!

Until next month…keep it hot!


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Fused Glass Suncatchers

This month we are going to take a quick look at fused glass suncatchers.

Specifically we will be discussing how to hang these pieces after you have completed the art fused glass technique.

These of course can be made using any art glass pattern you desire or get creative and design a unique pattern of your own creation.

Since these will be hanging in a window, you will want to make them out of transparent glass so that the sun can shine through and help the colors magnify.

There is nothing that says you can’t use some opaque glass, or even make it entirely out of opaque if desire, but personally I like the way transparent glass shines when the sun rays light up the piece.

Once created, there are several ways you can hang this masterpiece.

If it is light weight, you can simply attach the hanger in the middle, but if it is large then be sure to hang it from both sides for security.

  • Glue on a cabochon bail in the center of the piece or if it is large glue fused glass bails on each of the top sides and run your chain or wire.
  • Add a clear fusible bail during the firing process.
  • Drill a hole in the center or both edges and add a jump ring, then run the wire, string or chain through the jump ring hole.
  • Cut a clear plastic tube in half long ways and glue the edges to the glass. This will make a channel that you can string your wire or chain through.
  • Almost every window in my home is decorated with some type of glass project. They not only bring color to the room, but make beautiful decorative accents.

    “Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.” - Einstein

    Have you been wanting to learn the hot craft of glass fusing, but don't know where to begin?

    Whether you enjoy watching movies to learn the techniques, or having a book to refer to as you learn, these learning tools will assist you in your progress.

    If you don't have access to glass fusing classes, or want to learn some of the techniques that are not generally taught at these instructional settings, look no further.

    I am trying to add new and exciting information all the time, and these learning materials are the newest items added to the site to help others learn glass fusing procedures.

    TIP - If downloading any of the downloadable movies, keep in mind that they are very large files.

    If you purchase and want to download any of these large files, you might consider using a product like the Free Download Manager.

    It is a free product that needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

    It will increase the download speed and decrease the time required to download the product.

    Beginner Glass Fusing Class – Chapters: Glass Types and COE, Glass Phases, Thermal Shock, 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit, Devitrification, Annealing, Quarter Inch Rule, Glass Assembly, Safety, Kiln Types, Basic Supplies, Preparing the Kiln, Preparing the Kiln Shelf, Cutting Glass, Designing Glass, Firing Glass, The Final Fused Project


  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class DVD
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class Book
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class E-Book
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class Downloadable Movie

  • Beyond the Basics – Chapters: Reading a Chart, Molds, Fused Tile, Business Card Holder, Glass Stand, Comb Honey, Coral Bowl, Fused Barrette, Glass Donut, Pre-cut Pieces, Painting on Glass with Glass, Sifting Frit onto Glass, Soap Dish, Fused Glass Dots, Drilling a Hole, Glass Powder Wafer, Sifting into a Stencil, Stringer Project, and Powder and Frit.


  • Beyond the Basics DVD
  • Beyond the Basics Book
  • Beyond the Basics E-Book
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  • Intermediate - Chapters: Embellishments, Glass Workshop, Broken Art Glass, Casting Glass, Cold Combing, Copper Mesh Method, Crackle Technique, Etching Glass, Fused Glass Frame, Marble Glass Art, Fused Glass Lace, Fusing Photo Paper, Fused Wind Chimes, Glass Clay, Puffy Glass, Rubber Stamping on Glass, Slumping Bottles, Stringer Bowl


  • Intermediate Glass Fusing DVD
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing Book
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing E-Book
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing downloadable movie
  • Miscellaneous

    How to Make Dichroic Glass Art – Chapters: Definition of Dichroic, History of Dichroic Glass, Dichroic Side of Glass, Colors and What Do they Mean, Crinkled Dichroic, Dichro Slide, Dichroic Coated Copper Foil, To Cap or Not to Cap, Etching Dichroic Glass, Dichroic Donut, Making Simple, Elegant Cabochons, Getting Creative, Shaping Cabochons, Dichroic Cabochon Finishing, Wrapping it Up.


  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art DVD
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art Book
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art E-Book
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art Downloadable Movie
  • Clay Glass – Chapters: Introduction, Safety, GlasClay, Steider Studios Glass Medium, Homemade Clay, Preparing and Mixing, Firing, Enclosed Dichroic Cabochon, Frosting Tube Method, Pressing into Molds, Freeze and Fuse, Cutting Tools Method, Glass Ring, Making Lines, Stamping, Free Form Designs


  • Clay Glass DVD
  • Clay Glass Book
  • Clay Glass E-Book
  • Clay Glass Downloadable Movie

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    Reader Question


    I wire wrap fused glass pendants. A gallery wants my work signed and I'm unsure what tool to use. Would a diamond tipped pen scriber work or do I need a power tool? I only want to sign initials, not a design. Any help would be appreciated.




    Do you have any other suggestions or hints on signing your artwork after firing? Share your comments and tips with our readers. Thanks!

    Purchase some German made 700.0 Silberschnitt glass breaking pliers. These pliers will break glass up to 5mm thick.

    Clicking on the "Share this page" button at the bottom of your favorite pages will enable you to come back to your preferred pages and help others find interesting and exciting information.

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    Class Craft & Bead Expo – This year the Expo will be held from March 28th through April 1st. It is held at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. To register for classes on line at click here.

    Make Glass Molds that are Truly Yours! - A World Wide Glass Workshop with Petra Kaiser. Learn how to cut and assemble strips of Kaiser Lee Boards to create interesting and exciting projects. This is an online glass workshop. This class is scheduled for April 19, 2012, at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (4 p.m. Pacific) and the same class is offered on April 26 at 2 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Pacific). To read more about what is being offered in this class, click here. There is a link at the bottom of the blog if you would like to sign up for either of these classes.

    Free Peace Bird Pin Project Guide - Looking for some projects to do inside your microwave kiln? Check out this free project page on Delphi Glass for a list of the supplies and click on the free project guide for instructions.

    Ring Assortment - 5 Pack

    Looking for some quick, easy and attractive boutique sales projects? Summer will be here soon, so why not start preparing for your craft shows early?

    Check out the silver plated, gold plated, and hematite finished ring assortments from Delphi Glass.

    They come with five ring blanks in each package. They cost about $10 per package, and currently Delphi is having a sale if you purchase more.

    I have purchased these blanks and finishing them off with some fused glass is really quick and easy. They have a solid band design. Simply fuse your glass, cut it down to size, clean, fire polish and glue it onto the empty pad.

    The collection contains 5 rings, two size 7 with 12mm pad, two size 8 with 13mm pad, and one size 6 with 10mm pad.

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    See you next month…

    Glass Fusing Made Easy

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