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Issue #043 - Firing Cubic Zirconia
March 30, 2012

Hot Out of the Kiln

March 31, 2012

Welcome to the March 2012 issue of “Hot Out Of The Kiln”. Saint Patrick’s Day is over and time to move on to creating some spring items. This month, I have been working on the upcoming magazine after all the positive responses.

If you would like to share some information for the September issue, please contact me. Are there any particular items you would enjoy viewing in the new magazine, please share your ideas? I know what I want in a magazine, but I would like it to be something you would also like to read.

Be sure to check out the new site and give me your feedback and suggestions. You can find the location for the new e-magazine here, or click on the picture to your right. If you visit the site, be sure to sign up to be notified when each issue is published.

Well, after spending the last month working on the magazine and adding a few pages to the new site my hard drive decided to die. Yes, I am devastated! My hard drive is now being shipped to a major repair location so that they can try to retrieve all of my hard work. If all else fails, then I will just have to start over again, ugh!

This month I worked on a couple of items, one of which I am planning on doing a detailed article for the magazine. It will include step-by-step instructions along with images. I think you will enjoy it as it is simple to achieve, although it does involve a lot of steps to accomplish the final product. I have made a few of these in the past and I never fail to get compliments whenever I wear the piece, so I thought it would be a great item to write about.

This month was my youngest daughter’s birthday. If you have watched any of the instructional videos then you have met her as she is the actress in a couple of the movies. She did movie extras when she was younger and has a real knack for acting.

Her favorite color is purple, so I made her a pendant using dichroic glass and a purple cubic zirconium. Have you used cubic zirconium in your glass fusing projects? They can be purchased in a variety of colors and shapes and add the look of diamonds to your final piece.

Until next month…keep it hot!


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8. Product Review

Firing Cubic Zirconia

Firing cubic zirconia in your fused glass art can add the look of diamonds embedded into your glass.

These come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

I have found that cool tools has one of the best selections of cubic zirconia gems.

At Cool Tools, they offer a rainbow of Cubic Zirconia colors such as: Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Pink Sapphire, White Diamond, Fire Opal and many more.

They also offer different cuts like: round, pear, square and barrel, just to name a few.

Their prices are extremely reasonable and they offer such a nice variety of the colors, cuts and sizes.

They are very simple to add to any fusing glass.

Arrange the glass so that there is a gap or space where the gem can be added, or drill a small hole and place the stone.

Then fire the piece.

The glass can be fired to a tack or full fuse depending on the outcome desired.

The cubic zirconia will become permanently embedded in the molten glass.

These are especially nice when added to dichroic glass.

You have the shine of the gem and the sparkle of the dichroic all in one fused glass pendant or cabochon.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” – Aristotle

Have you been wanting to learn the hot craft of glass fusing, but don't know where to begin?

Whether you enjoy watching movies to learn the techniques, or having a book to refer to as you learn, these learning tools will assist you in your progress.

If you don't have access to glass fusing classes, or want to learn some of the techniques that are not generally taught at these instructional settings, look no further.

I am trying to add new and exciting information all the time, and these learning materials are the newest items added to the site to help others learn glass fusing procedures.

TIP - If downloading any of the downloadable movies, keep in mind that they are very large files.

If you purchase and want to download any of these large files, you might consider using a product like the Free Download Manager.

It is a free product that needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

It will increase the download speed and decrease the time required to download the product.

Beginner Glass Fusing Class – Chapters: Glass Types and COE, Glass Phases, Thermal Shock, 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit, Devitrification, Annealing, Quarter Inch Rule, Glass Assembly, Safety, Kiln Types, Basic Supplies, Preparing the Kiln, Preparing the Kiln Shelf, Cutting Glass, Designing Glass, Firing Glass, The Final Fused Project


  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class DVD
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class Book
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class E-Book
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class Downloadable Movie

  • Beyond the Basics – Chapters: Reading a Chart, Molds, Fused Tile, Business Card Holder, Glass Stand, Comb Honey, Coral Bowl, Fused Barrette, Glass Donut, Pre-cut Pieces, Painting on Glass with Glass, Sifting Frit onto Glass, Soap Dish, Fused Glass Dots, Drilling a Hole, Glass Powder Wafer, Sifting into a Stencil, Stringer Project, and Powder and Frit.


  • Beyond the Basics DVD
  • Beyond the Basics Book
  • Beyond the Basics E-Book
  • Beyond the Basics Downloadable Movie

  • Intermediate - Chapters: Embellishments, Glass Workshop, Broken Art Glass, Casting Glass, Cold Combing, Copper Mesh Method, Crackle Technique, Etching Glass, Fused Glass Frame, Marble Glass Art, Fused Glass Lace, Fusing Photo Paper, Fused Wind Chimes, Glass Clay, Puffy Glass, Rubber Stamping on Glass, Slumping Bottles, Stringer Bowl


  • Intermediate Glass Fusing DVD
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing Book
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing E-Book
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing downloadable movie
  • Miscellaneous

    How to Make Dichroic Glass Art – Chapters: Definition of Dichroic, History of Dichroic Glass, Dichroic Side of Glass, Colors and What Do they Mean, Crinkled Dichroic, Dichro Slide, Dichroic Coated Copper Foil, To Cap or Not to Cap, Etching Dichroic Glass, Dichroic Donut, Making Simple, Elegant Cabochons, Getting Creative, Shaping Cabochons, Dichroic Cabochon Finishing, Wrapping it Up.


  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art DVD
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art Book
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art E-Book
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art Downloadable Movie
  • Clay Glass – Chapters: Introduction, Safety, GlasClay, Steider Studios Glass Medium, Homemade Clay, Preparing and Mixing, Firing, Enclosed Dichroic Cabochon, Frosting Tube Method, Pressing into Molds, Freeze and Fuse, Cutting Tools Method, Glass Ring, Making Lines, Stamping, Free Form Designs


  • Clay Glass DVD
  • Clay Glass Book
  • Clay Glass E-Book
  • Clay Glass Downloadable Movie

  • Reader Responses


    I had a lot of responses to last month’s e-zine. Here are a few:






    Yes please to an online magazine!

    Here in the UK we're not able to get quite the full selection of glass fusing stuff - when anyone goes over to the US they seem to go with a list of things easily carried back!

    That excludes glass of course.

    I have been doing stained glass for some years and just started glass fusing a couple of months ago.

    Any info on the making of attractive, smallish useful items would be great.

    Also hints on the different programmes and their results for Paragon Fusion 7.

    In fact everything would be lovely!

    Many thanks.....Anne

    I would love to see information about troubleshooting once a piece has “messed up.”

    For example, what can be done once you have significant bubbles in a good piece.

    Also what can be done to correct devit on a piece.

    How about specific information for the best way to repair pieces that may have “spread out” along the edges due to a thicker section.

    Also, how to repair the brick on a kiln where it has been chipped or a chunk broken.

    I totally believe in “never Refuse to Re-fuse” but we learn by our mistakes, yet I’d like to be able to repair a bowl that was dropped and just broke in half.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m so “inexperienced” but learning to work with a piece even if it changes its original design.

    Just a few ideas.

    Thanks for all your great work!


    Jean W


    I think it is a great idea to create an online magazine.

    Maybe you could get articles from Tanya Veit, Barry Kaiser etc.

    I'd love it.


    Hi Connie

    This newsletter sounds a fantastic idea.

    I'm only new to glass fusing and find there is sooo much to learn.

    Plse let us know how this develops and when we may expect the FIRST ISSUE!!!!

    I'm just going back now to read all your articles in the latest email!!!

    Thnks, rgds and Havagooday

    Cindy (NSW Australia)

    Hi Connie,

    I think an e magazine is a really good idea.

    I found your website by searching for a mag on line!

    There is so much to learn and so little help and advice out there.

    I would certainly buy it.

    Thank you for all your good work

    Ann R


    A magazine would be a wonderful addition to my imagination, which tends to lag at times.

    I have started doing “glass sculpture” on linen and wood.

    They are fairly flat pieces but quite exciting and represent Native Masks or faces or whatever.

    They make for interesting conversation pieces and in fact the 2nd one is called “Conversation”

    I would like more complicated pieces to do and have picked up many ideas from your newsletters which I print out and save, but as I said, sometimes I need a boost from someone else.

    Sharing ideas is what it is all about so I am all for your idea.

    Thanks for all your efforts

    cheers, Pat S


    I love, love, love the idea of a glass fusing only emagazine.

    I will subsribe to it, definitely!

    I would like to contribute to your mag but not sure what would be appropriate.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    Dear Connie,

    I have just read your latest e-zine (29 Feb.) which is always of interest.

    Thank you.

    I have been subscribing to "Glass Craftsman" magazine but was very disappointed when they ceased publication.

    I have scoured the Internet for a substitute but nothing seems to be readily available that concerns fused and slumped glass.

    So it is with delight I that read that you are thinking about starting an on-line quarterly magazine.

    Here, in South Africa kiln formed glass is still an unknown art form and so, apart from books on the subject there is relatively little information to be had.

    From my perspective, your proposed magazine would be greatly appreciated, particularly if it encompassed both information for the beginner and for the more advanced.

    I look forward to hearing that the proposed project will be in the pipe line!

    Best wishes,

    Rose J

    Hi Connie

    I think your idea of a glass fusing magazine is fabulous.

    I live in the UK and receive your Hot Out of the Kiln each month which I find informative and interesting but have no success in finding a Glass Fusing magazine here either, and believe me I have looked!

    It would be great to have some tips and new ideas along with updates and maybe testing on new products available eg Flexi Glass?

    Thanks again and I for one am looking forward to it.

    Julie G

    Hi Connie

    I LOVE getting your email newsletter - it is informative and fun to read.

    In the UK we cannot get the range of products that are available in the US so the information from your newsletter and website is invaluable for inspiration!

    I think the idea of a magazine is FANTASTIC and will definitely be a subscriber.

    I would love to see product reviews, maker interviews and fusing ideas and inspiration.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jackie x

    Do you have any other suggestions or hints on what you would like to see in the e-magazine? Share your comments and suggestions with our readers. Thanks!

    For best results, make sure the kiln shelf is level.

    Clicking on the "Share this page" button at the bottom of your favorite pages will enable you to come back to your preferred pages and help others find interesting and exciting information.

    Please help share the site with others!


    International Festival of Glass – The Glass Festival will be held this year from August 20-23, 2012. For more information, check out their home page.

    Bullseye Resource Center Santa Fe - Spring Sale from Thursday– Sunday, April 5–8, 2012. The hours are from 10-5 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday the hours are from 10–4. They are located at 805 Early Street, Building E in Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. For more information check out their website.

    Coatings by Sandburg - CBS is offering Saturday classes. Each class is only $80 and includes ALL needed supplies. For further information, visit the Saturday class page.

    Glassman Events - May 15-16 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, Mexico. For further information on registration check out their page.

    Cubic Zirconia

    Cool Tools has a terrific mixture of kiln-safe Cubic Zirconia Gemstones Stones for your glass fusing designs.

    They have fabulous choices and prices for your fused glass needs.

    Find a rainbow of sparkling Cubic Zirconia like Amethyst, Apple Green, Champagne, Columbian Emerald, Fire Opal, Garnet, Jet Black, Lavender, Olivine, Pink Sapphire, Smoked Topaz, Tanzanite, Tsavorite Green, White Diamond, and Yellow Diamond.

    All of the stones are resilient and can be fired into your fusing projects.

    From tiny to large, their selection is outstanding.

    Check out the page on their website for your viewing selection.

    Feel free to spread the word about "Hot Out Of The Kiln" on your own blogs, Twitter, Facebook or any of your social bookmarking sites.

    And, thank you for signing up for the newsletter. If you know anyone else that might like to receive it please let them know. They can either visit the site and sign up, or send me an email at

    Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I would love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think!

    See you next month…

    Glass Fusing Made Easy

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