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Issue #031 - Fire Brick
March 31, 2011

Hot Out of the Kiln

March 31, 2011


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For your convenience, I have included pictures of the various learning tools available from Glass Fusing Made Easy.

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In this Issue of Hot Out of the Kiln:

1. Feature Article
2. Quote of the Month
3. Submit an Article or Tutorial
4. What I Have Been Working On
5. Reader Question
6. Tips and Tricks
7. Product Review

Feature Article - Fusing on the Fire Brick Floor

Have you ever wondered if you could fuse glass on the fire brick floor of the kiln?

Generally the setup for firing is having a kiln shelf supported by kiln posts inside the fused glass kiln.

This setup is ideal for achieving air circulation around your fusing pieces and exposing the glass to the heating elements.

But, there are times when you might need a little extra room for certain projects.

This is generally necessary when having the shelf inside leaves inadequate space for the glass to move, as in a drop ring.

As we all know, when firing it is best to allow the air to flow all around the kiln parts for even heating, making sure that there is adequate space away from the heating elements.

As with any firing you need to protect the surfaces that are going to be touched by the molten glass to avoid it sticking and becoming permanent.

Using fiber board, fiber blanket or even some fiber paper is essential to shelter the floor of the kiln.

The flooring should always have a coat of kiln wash even when firing your piece on a kiln shelf.

Make sure that the surface is level and smooth and utilize a cautious firing schedule.

Have suggestions on firing on the kiln bottom? Share your suggestions and experiences with everyone.

Quote of the Month

“A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Submit an Article or Tutorial

Do you have a great glass fusing article or tutorial that you would like to share? We are inviting submissions of articles or tutorials for the web site. The articles will become permanent on the site once approved and a link back to your website or blog can be included in the submission. Helping and sharing with others is a great way to assist others in learning information and techniques about glass fusing. You can add so much to the site with your knowledge and experiences.

If you have a web site or blog, then you know how important links are to get your site noticed by those search engines. A back link to your site will not only boost the search engine ranking, but assist in bringing traffic to your site.

For more information and submission, check out Submit Your Article.

What I Have Been Working On

This month has been filled with preparation for the Intermediate DVD. Writing the script takes time, research and work.

A trip to Coatings by Sandburg was on my agenda this month. What a fabulous place!

It was a very interesting and enlightening experience. The walls are covered with type of glass and color combinations they offer and can be purchased at your local glass store or on line.

Being in their facility is like taking a walk onto a movie studio. There are large chambers with computerized control panels and work tables filled with projects.

I had a chance to see all of the new items that will be released at the upcoming Glass Expo this month.

Talking about the Glass Expo, it is running this week in Las Vegas. Hope to see you there!

Reader Question

Hi there,do you know if the Bullseye brand shelf paper has asbestos in it? Do you have any suggestions for better alternatives health-wise for this paper?I've used just kiln wash,but I don't like the finish as well. thanks

Thanks, Tracey


Hi Tracey...

I have spoken to the representative at Bullseye and she assures me that there is no asbestos in their paper. The only alternative you could use would be fiber board or kiln wash. Using an OSHA mask will help protect you from the harmful ash when removing the kiln paper after firing.


Can you suggest any other alternatives for Tracey? If so, please drop me a line so I can share your information with Tracey and the readers.

Tips and Tricks

Use a spray bottle with a large opening to apply kiln wash.

Product Review - Color Me Bad 6" x 4" Decal Sheet

When it comes to decals for your glass fusing projects, AAE Glass is your one-stop shopping store.

They have developed a new line called “Color Me Bad”.

Once these particular decals are fused into your glass you simply use a bbq skewer to paint the spaces with Pebeo glass paints to enhance the design.

Allow the paint to dry for about 24 hours and then place them in the kiln or conventional over at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. This curing of the paint will allow it to adhere to the glass.

Since the decal has open areas that can be painted and the lines are thick enough, it outlines and highlights your colors.

On this new decal sheet you will receive the following images; peacock, sea horse, monarch butterfly, hummingbird, garden butterfly, floral spray, fish, and bird on a branch.

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Glass Fusing Made Easy

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