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Issue #044 - Dichroic Glass Pendant
April 30, 2012

Hot Out of the Kiln

April 25, 2012

Spring is in the air and I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the unexpected spring showers that seem to refresh the air and clean up the environment.

Living in Southern California, I have a fabulous view of the mountains from my front porch. Standing in the warm sunshine, I can view all of the snow covered mountain tops without actually being in the snow.

I have been feverously working on the e-magazine and have all of the main pages added now.

Click on the picture to the right to check out all the pages and to sign up for notification of the upcoming first issue.

We have quite a few glass fusing artists lined up to write articles. I think they are about as excited about this project as I am in putting it together.

I have the idea for a project that I am going to submit for the first issue, and if you would like to participate and submit one of your ideas, please let us know!

We are offering a one quarter page advertisement for any article that is submitted and approved, so this is a fantastic way to get your website or product viewed by other glass fusing artists.

I am leaving for a week cruise up and down the coast of California, but will be taking my laptop if you need to contact me.

Until next month…keep it hot!


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Dichroic Glass Pendant

Well, you have designed and fused your dichroic glass pendant and it has turned out gorgeous.

It is time now to finish off the dichroic jewelry piece.

You could glue on a standard purchased bail, but what if you want to now attach the dichroic glass jewelry to a unique jewelry blank?

Jewelry blanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are round, diamond, square, hearts and tear drop, just to name a few.

So how you get just the right fit for your particular blank?

You can find templates that also have these shapes and they can be used if they work.

I take a simple blank piece of paper and place it on the blank.

Using a fingernail, a Popsicle stick or even a pencil rub along the edge of the blank where you want to place your piece.

This movement should leave an embossed image that can now be drawn using a pen or pencil and then cut with some scissors.

Place your cut out image or template onto your glass a trace around the edge with a permanent marker. Cover the drawing with beeswax to protect the image.

Using a tile cutter cut off any excess glass. Cut as close as possible to the protected image.

A grinder can now be used to remove any excess glass and to shape the piece.

Scrub the edges thoroughly after using the grinder.

Fire the glass piece to a fire polish to smooth and shine the edges.

Now the piece can be attached to your jewelry blank using your preferred adhesive.

Do you want to learn more about shaping and sizing your dichroic glass? Check out the "How to Make Dichroic Glass Art DVD" for more information about Dichroic and how to shape your projects.

"Strive to close the eyes of the body and open those of the soul and look into your own heart." - Teresa of Avila

Have you been wanting to learn the hot craft of glass fusing, but don't know where to begin?

Whether you enjoy watching movies to learn the techniques, or having a book to refer to as you learn, these learning tools will assist you in your progress.

If you don't have access to glass fusing classes, or want to learn some of the techniques that are not generally taught at these instructional settings, look no further.

I am trying to add new and exciting information all the time, and these learning materials are the newest items added to the site to help others learn glass fusing procedures.

TIP - If downloading any of the downloadable movies, keep in mind that they are very large files.

If you purchase and want to download any of these large files, you might consider using a product like the Free Download Manager.

It is a free product that needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

It will increase the download speed and decrease the time required to download the product.

Beginner Glass Fusing Class – Chapters: Glass Types and COE, Glass Phases, Thermal Shock, 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit, Devitrification, Annealing, Quarter Inch Rule, Glass Assembly, Safety, Kiln Types, Basic Supplies, Preparing the Kiln, Preparing the Kiln Shelf, Cutting Glass, Designing Glass, Firing Glass, The Final Fused Project


  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class DVD
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class Book
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class E-Book
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Class Downloadable Movie

  • Beyond the Basics – Chapters: Reading a Chart, Molds, Fused Tile, Business Card Holder, Glass Stand, Comb Honey, Coral Bowl, Fused Barrette, Glass Donut, Pre-cut Pieces, Painting on Glass with Glass, Sifting Frit onto Glass, Soap Dish, Fused Glass Dots, Drilling a Hole, Glass Powder Wafer, Sifting into a Stencil, Stringer Project, and Powder and Frit.


  • Beyond the Basics DVD
  • Beyond the Basics Book
  • Beyond the Basics E-Book
  • Beyond the Basics Downloadable Movie

  • Intermediate - Chapters: Embellishments, Glass Workshop, Broken Art Glass, Casting Glass, Cold Combing, Copper Mesh Method, Crackle Technique, Etching Glass, Fused Glass Frame, Marble Glass Art, Fused Glass Lace, Fusing Photo Paper, Fused Wind Chimes, Glass Clay, Puffy Glass, Rubber Stamping on Glass, Slumping Bottles, Stringer Bowl


  • Intermediate Glass Fusing DVD
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing Book
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing E-Book
  • Intermediate Glass Fusing downloadable movie
  • Miscellaneous

    How to Make Dichroic Glass Art – Chapters: Definition of Dichroic, History of Dichroic Glass, Dichroic Side of Glass, Colors and What Do they Mean, Crinkled Dichroic, Dichro Slide, Dichroic Coated Copper Foil, To Cap or Not to Cap, Etching Dichroic Glass, Dichroic Donut, Making Simple, Elegant Cabochons, Getting Creative, Shaping Cabochons, Dichroic Cabochon Finishing, Wrapping it Up.


  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art DVD
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art Book
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art E-Book
  • How to Make Dichroic Glass Art Downloadable Movie
  • Clay Glass – Chapters: Introduction, Safety, GlasClay, Steider Studios Glass Medium, Homemade Clay, Preparing and Mixing, Firing, Enclosed Dichroic Cabochon, Frosting Tube Method, Pressing into Molds, Freeze and Fuse, Cutting Tools Method, Glass Ring, Making Lines, Stamping, Free Form Designs


  • Clay Glass DVD
  • Clay Glass Book
  • Clay Glass E-Book
  • Clay Glass Downloadable Movie

  • Reader Responses


    I had a lot of responses to last month’s e-zine. Here are a few:


    Ol Connie!!

    Adorei a tua idia da Revista, assim estaremos mais conectados e poderemos aprender ainda mais..
    Parabns pela iniciativa.



    Love the look of your new website.
    I look forward to getting my article finished so that I can submit it.
    Good work!!!



    Absolutely great idea re glass fusing magazine!!
    I search the internet constantly for more information, especially when I run into trouble or problems.
    Often there is some info out there but it is very difficult to find specifics.
    I do subscribe to Art Jewelry and Metal Clay magazines.
    I hope you will put in info re problems and then solutions as well as new things to do like your info on cubic zircona inclusions.
    I have some of those for metal clay but never thought to use them with glass!
    They will look even better in glass and I am going to make my daughter a pendant for her birthday in April.
    I would like to make some pieces more sculptural and need to find info on how to do that.
    Figured I could use some of my ooops pieces to play with but need to figure out how to do that.
    Thank you so much,


    Hi Connie,

    I always enjoy reading your email and appreciate being on your list.
    Not sure if you're already aware of this or not, but when using Cubic Zirconias, there are some that experience a color shift when fired at fusing temperatures.
    Also, they don't always stay embedded in your work; sometimes they'll pop out at the most inopportune time.
    Shelley C


    Hi Connie,

    I've used the CZs a lot in my metal clay and they don't all shift, but some of them do.
    I was at a bead show and was speaking with one of the reps and she amazed me with rattling off which of the colors change and what they changed in to.
    Up until that time, I thought I'd just gotten some lesser quality ones.
    I love using the CZs and am glad you suggested it so perhaps others will try it and enjoy the experience as well.
    Regards and keep up the good work.


    I wanted to share a tip with you regarding application of kiln wash to stainless steel molds.
    This idea was inspired by your use of hairspray as a glue for glass combined with my dislike of prepping my stainless steel molds.
    Start by washing your mold to be sure it is clean.
    Dry it. Apply a thin coat of hairspray and give that a moment to get tacky.
    Paint with normally diluted kiln wash.
    Let it dry.
    You can use a blow dryer to speed this along.
    When completely dry spray it again, wait a minute then kiln wash.
    Continue alternating kiln wash and hairspray until the coating is satisfactory.
    I usually do 3 sets of hairspray/kiln wash and then finish with one or two more coatings of kiln wash.
    This is a very easy method to apply kiln wash to stainless steel molds.
    I do all my SS molds this way and it works every time.
    Note that it won't cover fully on the first coat but should by the third.
    Also it is important to let it dry completely between coats.
    Cherrie J.


    Do you have any other suggestions or hints on what you would like to see in the e-magazine? Share your comments and suggestions with our readers. Thanks!

    If kiln wash won’t stick to a mold, just heat the spot up with a hair dryer and then apply the wash.

    Clicking on the "Share this page" button at the bottom of your favorite pages will enable you to come back to your preferred pages and help others find interesting and exciting information.

    Please help share the site with others!


    Bullseye - Bullseye Glass is holding a new kiln-forming class called "Designing & Using Part Sheets". It is being held May 4th, 5th and 7th with Bonnie Celeste. The hours are as follows: Friday and Saturday 10am–4pm and Monday 10am–Noon. They are limiting the class to 8 students and the cost is $295. For more information, click here.

    Artist Trust Grants - The Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects is open to residents of the State of Washington. The deadline is May 20th. Take a look at this great opportunity!

    Delphi Glass - Check out what is new at Delphi Glass:

  • 5” Slump Mold
  • Spiral Appetizer Dish Mold
  • 6-1/2" Square Foot Drape Mold
  • Wine Glass Jewelry Mold

  • Projects:
  • Free Pillow Pendants Project Guide
  • Free Making Dots Project Idea Sheet

  • Taurus 3 Ring Saw

    The Taurus 3 Ring Saw is the most popular saw used in glass fusing. This saw is quiet and has a nice large work surface. It has a light that illuminates the cutting area and a face shield that helps to prevent shards from flying up into your face, but still wear eye protection. With this glass saw, you are able to cut glass with ease, even thin objects and tight curves.

    They include an instructional DVD that is humorous to watch and very informative. I love my saw and use it often. Do a search on the web to find the best price. I have found that Diamond Drill and Tools has the best pricing and their customer service is excellent.

    My Tip: To keep my unit running well, I clean it after each usage.

    Share your Taurus 3 Ring Saw tips with others. Send us an email and we will include your suggestions in the next e-zine.

    Feel free to spread the word about "Hot Out Of The Kiln" on your own blogs, Twitter, Facebook or any of your social bookmarking sites.

    And, thank you for signing up for the newsletter. If you know anyone else that might like to receive it please let them know. They can either visit the site and sign up, or send me an email at

    Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I would love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think!

    See you next month…

    Glass Fusing Made Easy

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