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Issue #029 - Books On Glass Fusing
January 31, 2011

Hot Out of the Kiln

January 31, 2010


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In this Issue of Hot Out of the Kiln:

1. Feature Article
2. Quote of the Month
3. Submit an Article or Tutorial
4. What I Have Been Working On
5. Reader Question
6. Tips and Tricks
7. Additions to Site
8. Product Review

Feature Article - Books on Glass Fusing

One of the coolest things about this craft is all the books on glass fusing available to purchase.

These current glass fusing and slumping books weren’t available just a few years ago.

As the interest in fusing has grown the diverse range of fused glass books have become accessible on the internet or at your local glass store.

Glass fusing books not only inspire us on our next project, but can be references that we can refer back to when we have questions about a certain technique.

They are also fantastic for showing and explaining new processes that we are inspired to attempt in our own kiln. So, what are some of the popular books and what do they have to offer?

I guess this would be a personal choice, as each one of you is in various stages of learning and exploring glass fusing. If you are starting out in this craft then you of course would be looking for beginner books, on the other hand if you are more advanced in fusing then books that offer advanced techniques would be more what you would be looking for.

So, if you are inflamed by curiosity, stimulated by experimentation, you will discover demonstrated kiln expertise techniques inside the inspiring binding of books.

What are my favorites?

I love all the creative and inspiring books by Petra Kaiser. She has beginning books and more advanced paperbacks that utilize her Kaiser Lee Boards.

What are your favorite books? Write me and share your passionate volumes with other readers.

Quote of the Month

"There are more valid facts and details in works of art than there are in history books."~ Charlie Chaplin

Submit an Article or Tutorial

Do you have a great glass fusing article or tutorial that you would like to share? We are inviting submissions of articles or tutorials for the web site. The articles will become permanent on the site once approved and a link back to your website or blog can be included in the submission. Helping and sharing with others is a great way to assist others in learning information and techniques about glass fusing. You can add so much to the site with your knowledge and experiences.

If you have a web site or blog, then you know how important links are to get your site noticed by those search engines. A back link to your site will not only boost the search engine ranking, but assist in bringing traffic to your site.

For more information and submission, check out Submit Your Article.

What I Have Been Working On

This month, I have been working on turning the latest DVD, “Beyond the Basics” into a book and e-book. It isn’t easy trying to turn the video into a book. There are countless hours of editing and proofing, but the e-book is finished and live on the website.

The book however is still in the proofing and editing stages. Getting all of the pictures to 300 dpi is a task in itself along with making sure that all the pages are print ready.

The book is almost ready and should be available sometime next month. Once that is complete, I will be free and available to move on to the intermediate DVD. Not sure what this one will be called yet, another thing to think about!

Reader Question


Hi there, I want to transfer type onto glass. My goal is to create a list in a specific font and display it on a glass surface. I only want the type to transfer - not the square it is printed on. Is there a material I can use to do this? Do I have to use heat? I would prefer a material that applies an adhesive to the text only. Is there such a thing? Please help...

Best, Susan


Hi Susan...

About the only thing that comes to mind would be to make a decal to transfer the lettering. It would turn out in a sepia color though.


Can you suggest any other item that might assist Susan? If so, please drop me a line so I can share your information with Susan and the readers.

Tips and Tricks

If a piece has cracked, find out why so you won’t repeat the incident. Taking and keeping notes of your firing procedures will help you avoid mistakes in the future.

Additions to the Site

01/26/11 – Beyond the Basics E-book

Product Review - Beyond the Basics E-Book

The latest addition to the instructional serious has been turned into a downloadable e-book. If you want the handiness of obtaining this beginner projects material fast, binding and printing the pages or the convenience of having this information readily available on your home computer…it is now offered on the website.

This information takes you beyond the basics of glass fusing with some stimulating and easy beginner projects. The e-book contains all of the chapters that are found on the DVD.

Some of the chapters are projects similar to the ones found on the website, but it also contains a few chapters that are new and exciting.

For further information check out Beginner Glass Fusing Class E-book.

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Glass Fusing Made Easy

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