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Love crafts?

There are a lot of fantastic creative sites on the web.

I know that I love to dabble in a lot of creative projects.

Being creative is for the young and old, for the rich and poor, and for the creative and non-creative individuals.

I personally think everyone has some creativity inside them.

Sometimes you just need to find what is your niche to bring out your creative side.

This is just a tiny listing of the multitude of sites on the internet.

If you have come to this page, I hope that some of these sites will inspire you and maybe give you some ideas on some of the things you can do with your glass projects.

These are some of the sites that I have visited and recommend.

Hopefully these sites will give you some ideas on:

  • How to market your glass pieces
  • Fun ways to use your fused glass pieces
  • Ways to display your glass
  • Implement your fused pieces into stained glass
  • Find new creative ideas to fuel your imagination.
  • A craft is a knack or skill involving practical arts.

    It can also refer to a trade or particular art.

    This skill consists of a mass of activities that involve making things with your own hands and skills.

    While some creative ideas have been around for thousands of years, some have been more recently acquired and discovered.

    These creative skills require not only skill, but a lot of times patience.

    Some people just have a knack for doing creative items, while others can be taught the steps and techniques.

    These pages are listed alphabetically.

    Does your website belong listed on this page?

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    We do require a link back to our site and your web pages must be valuable and useful for others.

    So, if your website will assist others in their glass fusing endeavors, then please contact us so that we can add a link. classifieds

    Craft Ideas Guide - Free ideas for your art projects. Find how to articles and ideas for all seasons!

    Free Craft Patterns Online - Looking for patterns? This website has listings for just about every pattern for your crafting needs.

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